About Us

What’s Neo Soul Cypher all about? It is the evolution, it is the culmination, it is the celebration of all things Neo Soul and all things Classic Hip Hop.  It’s where Neo Soul and Classic Hip-Hop Connect! We are connecting today to yesterday, so that you can have a chill tomorrow. We are fundamentally giving you Your Music, Your Life, Your Way.

We are a groundbreaking multi-platform experience that will dare to give you what you have loved growing up, what you like as a grown up and what you need to help you enjoy life on your terms.  So we’re music, we’re lifestyle, but most of all, we are You. You are front and center along with the premier Neo Soul stars, the up and coming indie soul singer and the Rap and Hip Hop act from back in the day that still resonates in your bones.  You simply cannot get what we offer on the radio, on I-tunes, Spotify or any of that ish! No you can’t. We offer spice along with tech, soul over profit and meaning over shallow same sounding songs. Yep, we offer the Real, while keeping it Real and Smooth too.  Raise your hand if this is You! Thought so.

Join us on our journey – “Join The Neo Soul Cypher Movement!”  We plan to grow as you help us. Get the music and artists that you love and will come to love at: NeoSoulCypher.com and Neo Soul Cypher on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Join us at events with our Neo Soul Clientele MeetUp.com groups in Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis, NYC Metro and any others You would like start with us!