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The Neo Soul Cypher crew had a blast vibing with Akeylah Simone. Akeylah gave us some insights into her musical background, including the influence of her parents. We got to hear some really dope songs too! Check out this really fun interview and listen to songs that reflect the Neo Soul Cypher sound! Thanks Akeylah, and thank you for checking us out! Visit Our Web Site at
August 4, 2021 – La’Key Divine is a rising talent with an amazing voice and an equally amazing personality. She dazzled us with a couple of her songs as well asl her origin story. She is passionate about making in this business, and we look forward to supporting her rise. Definitely check out the interview – its a hilarious back and forth touching on the music, the process and the sexy.
July 7, 2021 – Quash (Q-Man) and Regina come together to interview the hip-hop, jazz, spacey electro-soul group THE HUE!We had a dope interview with The HUE from Houston, TX. A Hip-Hop group with a dynamic, diverse and deep sound, we got to hear how the fusion of soul, funk, Hip-Hop and futuristic sounds create an a unique and versatile sound that rises above the monotony heard on the radio these days Their superior talent and lane is endorsed by some of the dopest in the game Questlove, Bun B and more. We had the pleasure of getting to know them better, and you now have the pleasure as well!
May 12, 2021 – Yes, got to to interview our man Tim Bowman, a true friend of the show. We literally laughed till we cried as we had fun talking about a whole host of things, including recent concerts and of course the voice of our man Jeff Webb who joined the conversation. With heard two really dope tracks with Tim’s guitar highlighted in “Fireball” and Jeff’s congas highlighted in “Island Cruise.” Check us out as we listen to amazing jazz fused tracks and enjoy the fun and hijinks!
May 5, 2021 – Check out our special interview with Unkle Nephew, an artist with a presence and talent well beyond his age. He let us know about his inspirations and aspirations, and we got to hear about his path to music stardom. Get to know the drumming licks of Unkle Nephew in “Paranoia” and “Why Do You Love Me.” Check out this very chill interview!
April 28, 2021 – We got to spend time with the upcoming Hip-Hop/ Neo Soul star Naneezy! She gave us a captivating look into her music origin story, and let us know how important the message in her music is to her. We also got to hear two soon to be hits from her, “Whatcha Know” and “Dying Dreams.” Check out this soon to be star and get to know her music!
March 31, 2021 – The Neo Soul Cypher was blessed to get to know one its own a little better. We got to explore co-host Regina’s musical journey and hear 3 of her songs. And yes we got to hear about the “choker” : ). Check out the songs that highlight her incredible lyrical skill and hear the Regina backstory all at the same time!
March 24, 2021 – We had an amazing time with Yoji, whose melodic, powerful and vibrant voice is a thing to behold, only matched by her skills as a songwriter. She’s a true talent and another gem for the U.K. soul music scene, which has grown to even greater heights over the last few years. We appreciated her telling us about her musical journey and influences, and got to hear two songs that really showcase her talents as a vocalist and songwriter – “Hiding Place” and “Old Fashioned”. Check out Yoji and her captivating interview while you “Join the Neo Soul Cypher Movement”!
March 17, 2021 – What a dope show with Jeff Bradshaw! A man with a mission and an incomparable talent. Straight out a Illedelphia, Jeff brought us up to speed on the history of Neo Soul, as he and his compatriots helped architect and define the Neo Soul sound in the mid-1990’s. He also gave us his “trombone origin story” and then went on to give us a passionate and rousing account of how he led a movement to call for justice with the help of other horn players last year (2020 – our year of reckoning). I have to tell you all that this interview should not be missed – the Music, History and Social Justice illuminated by Jeff Bradshaw is truly incredible! We also urge you to go out and buy, stream and promote his new album “Stronger”, with songs like “Prototype” and appearances from folks like Raheem DeVaughn, Robert Glasper and Marcia Ambrosius, it is an instant classic.
March 3, 2021 – Join us as we chop it up with BD3, a talented and multi-faceted rapper with an engaging personality. He details his latest release, “Trois Pour Trois”, and we get the backstory on two tracks from the release, “Dedication” and “Say Less.” Check it out as BD3 paints a vibrant picture of his life and music.
February 24, 2021 – We rocked out with Marcus Machado, the “Next Young Gun” and guitarist extraordinaire. He told us about his new project “Aquarius Purple” – a full length album with an initial release in vinyl. He also gave us the scoop on another major project – Th1rt3en – with the incomparable Pharoahe Monch and Daru Jones – a truly uniquely powerful and seamless blend of Hip-Hop and Rock. We got to hear a couple of dope tracks as well as what’s up next for this rising star. Check it all out here!
February 17, 2021 – It was a pleasure to host the true legend Marlon McClain as he graced the Neo Soul Cypher Show – Livestream Edition with his latest and greatest. We had a great conversation about his rich history and rich present in the music business. We also got to premier, “Ain’t No Stoppin Now” by Marlon, featuring BD3. Check out the interview and the music, and tell us what you think?
February 3. 2021 – Quash and Regina are joined by the incomparable and precocious Nyah Grace. Her chops are rich and authentic. She represents the future of Neo Soul and just good sangin! We thoroughly enjoyed her as well as her incredible live performance. Check it out folks!!
January 27, 2021 – Welcome to the Neo Soul Cypher Show – the Livestream Edition, brought to you by Quash and Regina welcomed Danny G on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, and Danny graced us with his vocal talents and great conversation. We look forward to helping more folk get to know him, and we look forward to you joining us every Wednesday night 9pm ET, 8pm CT and 6pm PT!