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Artists: Connect with the world through the hottest music platform around. is your destination for Neo Soul and Classic Hip Hop online. We provide a complete experience by giving you Your Music, Your Life, Your Way, and we give music artists the opportunity to connect to a unique community of music lovers passionate about their music as well as their life. NeoSoulCypher is forging partnerships with some of the strongest names in the industry. We have interviewed and featured Esperanza Spalding, Sy Smith, Anthony David, Les Nubians, Noel Gourdin, Elijah Bland and ZO! among other stellar talents. We particularly love highlighting emerging talent. Are you the next Maxwell, John Legend, or Jill Scott? Well, let us see. Sign up for our Artist Services and get your bio, profile, and social media links accessed by those who are passionate about their music and their life, those otherwise known as the NeoSoulCypher family!

 Additional Artist Services

  • Production – Neo Soul Cypher Music will produce music for you
  • Neo Soul Cypher Site Profiles – create profiles for you on your own site
  • Writing – Neo Soul Cypher Music will write songs for you
  • Video Production – Neo Soul Cypher Music will produce videos for you
  • Downloads – Neo Soul Cypher will allow you to sell downloadable music on
  • Merchandising – Sell your merchandise on Neo Soul
  • Demo solutions – have Neo Soul Cypher produce and develop your demo
  • Legal services – have Neo Soul Cypher prepare your recording contract and file trademarks, copyrights and domain names on your behalf
  • Neo Soul Radio Show – get an interview and/or mention on the radio show
  • Neo Soul Cypher Music Player – get placement on the Music Player on

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NeoSoulCypher, LLC (the “Company”) operates and provides you with the opportunity to upload your music, pictures, videos, text and other content (the “Content”), based on the package you select, to a Webpage at for the fees outlined below (the “Artist Profile”).  The Artist Profile will be viewed and listened to by users of and its related media properties.  You must read and abide by the Company’s Terms and Conditions when you provide the Content to the Company for the Artist Profile or for any other reason.  Ownership of the Content remains with you as per the Terms and Conditions; however, you are allowing the Company to use the Content and/or licensing the Content to the Company as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. In addition to the Content, you remain responsible for any links to other sites that you provide to the Company.  You must provide any such links in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and you are responsible for any damages incurred by the Company or users of in connection with the provision of links. You must have the right to post the Content you upload and you and only you remain responsible for any infringement of third-party rights if you upload Content that you do not have ownership of or the right to upload and license to the Company. You may incur legal liability to the Company and/or third-party’s should you upload unauthorized Content. Again, the Artist Profile is provided in accordance with these terms as well as the Terms and Conditions. These terms may be amended by the Company in accordance with the Terms and Conditions