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The Neo Soul Movement is not only Music, it’s Lifestyle too! “Your Life” gives you Lifestyle Content for YOU.  Explore ways to reach Your dreams and express Your individuality

Check out features on: Abundant Living, Healthful Living and Green Living

Get content that helps you live the:

  • Abundant Life – travel, dining, finance, and entrepreneurship
  • Healthful Life – health, fitness and beauty tailored for all of You and for the “Neo Soul Movement” 
  • Green Life – conservation, renewable energy and recycling all play a vital role in staving off climate change and preserving our resources. Get content that promotes Green Living as part of the Neo Soul Movement. People will.

Healthful Living

Quarantine Fitness

“My back is hurting!  Oh…wait is it my hips? Oh goodness, it’s everything!”  This was me at the beginning of quarantine.     The biggest contributing factor to reducing and controlling my pain, is movement, and like…

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Abundant Living

Eating Under Quarantine

The struggle is real! That’s the refrain as we try to figure out the next night’s dinner options.  Normally we are out and about eating to our heart’s content at local restaurants in the Dallas…

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