Born in NJ, raised in NC, rumor has it or at least her mother has said, that Naneezy was speaking and singing before she could walk. Being the positive and supportive mother that she is, her mom ran with it and bought Naneezy a toy microphone and speaker.  That is where her musical journey began: joining a band in middle school, singing in the church choir and women’s ensemble in high school, to open mic nights and Battle of the Bands.

Naneezy has always written poems. She started creating lyrical music in high school. She recorded a song called, ‘Dreams’, which to this day, is a personal favorite of hers, holding a special place in her heart.

Many doors have opened for her, and Naneezy is thankful for the people who have pushed her to perform, and for the people placed in her life, navigating her towards bigger opportunities.  Naneezy never thought anyone would hear her songs, apart from family, friends, and fellow- artists. However, now Naneezy wants the entire world to hear her music.

Naneezy is not into creating music containing profanity or any profane references, because she loves the kids. She realizes that music crosses age-lines and should thus be void of negative lyrical content. She believes in uplifting youth through her music, as opposed to suggesting any negative behavior. Naneezy won Battle of the Bands between ECU, NC State and UNC. With that win, she was selected as the opening act for Ari Lennox and Smino.  Naneezy is looking forward to her journey and growth as an artist, and as a person.