Posted On Monday, August 17, 2020

Artist of the Week! Classic Hip Hop – Run DMC

The groundbreakers, the ones who took the art to the masses. Yes, that’s RUN-DMC, they took rap and the Hip-Hop aesthetic mainstream, yet they were still true to the game. With the first rap album to go Gold – the self-titled “RUN-DMC” opened or should I say kicked the door open in the music business.  One that has never been closed since – Hip-Hop is the top music genre in the world today. As a teenager in the early 80’s growing up in the NYC metropolitan area, RUN-DMC became the embodiment of the culture I lived.  The music, the B-Boy, the boombox, the graffiti, all became “hood assets.” They became marketable style, and RUN-DMC in their B-boy stance, Adidas with fat laces, Lee Jeans, Cazals and Kangols epitomized it all.  Yet, the tracks still became the soundtrack for the streets, especially my Top 5:

1. Sucker M.C.’s –

2. Down With the King –

3. Peter Piper –

4. It’s Like That –

5. Beats to the Rhyme –