Posted On Monday, August 16, 2021

Artist of the Week! Classic Hip Hop! – SA-ROC

Sa-Roc! Sa-Roc is Hip-Hop – bars, beats and a message all combined to create an experience that is familiar but not familiar enough. What do you mean Neo Soul 1? Well I mean that Sa-Roc rocks the Mic while stimulating the mind, and while that’s a familiar dynamic on the continuum of Hip-Hop, it is not present enough in Hip-Hop served up today.  Sa-Roc came to this a little later than most, but I believe that she simmered a bit before her pot of Hip-Hop stew was exactly right. She dropped some gems in the past with albums like Journey of the Starseed in 2013 (Check out “Starseed” and “Nation Time”), Nebuchannezer in 2014 (Check out “The Who”, “Maximum Frequency,” and “True Mastery”), Extraterrestial in 2015 (Check out “We Comin” and “Shadows Approaching”).  These jointz are highly recommended, but the latest gem might just be the best.  With Sharecroppers Daughter 2020, Sa-Roc culminates the dynamic word play, annunciation and dope beats, with themes that are relevant, real and righteous.  When she hits us with, “this is a portrait of America that Norman couldn’t master, a crack [rock well]-suited for the capture” on “Rockwell’s America,” she and Styles P make us think, they give us history, sociology and a current events update, all while holding sway on the Mic like they’re rockin the house party and making everybody sweat as they dance to the beats. Yes the Sa-Roc experience is a unique one, one that is reminiscent of one of my favorite groups – The Roots, and thankfully the super lyricist Sa-Roc matches wits with those of super dope lyricist Black Thought from The Roots.  On the track “The Black Renaissance,” Sa-Roc spits that, “And me and Thought together, portrait of your worst fears / The darkness come to light when two Leviathans is fraternizin” – well yes that is some next nevel ish!!  Another super dope track is “Forever,” where her flow is simply ridiculous, bouncing back and forth between bar patterns, slowing down, speeding up, while telling us her life story.  One defined by overcoming body image issues, and strengthening herself as she uses her rap verses as therapy and growth, to the point where she is now confident in her look and sound.  Bottom line, Sa-Roc is a next level lyricist who is sayin somethin! She’s not mumbling her words to hide her inability to rhyme, she’s not over-exaggerating her sex appeal, she’s not underlining the virtue of a designer drug our pain killer. Yet and still she’s entertaining, she’s rockin the Mic like a true MC letting us all know she’s dope, but way bigger than dope.

Sa-Roc Music:
1. Forever –
2. Black Renaissance (feat. Black Thought)  –
3. Tink Desk (home edition) Performance –
4. Goddess Gang –
5. The Who (feat. David Banner) –