Posted On Monday, August 10, 2020

Artist of the Week! Classic Hip Hop – The Juice Crew

I’m a fan of music collectives. Whether they be label mates or personal friends, these collaborative efforts are typically dope in the Classic Hip-Hop world. We think of the Roots Crew, the Dungeon Family, Native Tongues, Cash Money Millionaires, Def Squad, Soulquarians Junior Mafia and of course the Wu-Tang Clan.  But before any of these groups blessed us with their gifts, there was the Juice Crew.

Rewind, its 85 hip-hop is nascent, glass littering the floor of the glass ceilings being shattered and at the center was an producer, DJ, hip-hop legend whose skills would define an era.  Marley Marl IS hip-hop.  His Collective included every element that can define an emcee.  Big Daddy Kane with lyrics of fire, lava dripping from the mics he melted, while maintaining the pretty boy cool that made him one of Hip-Hop’s first heartthrobs, never losing his “real” in the process. MC Shan who took an L but engaged in one of the most iconic battles (even though the Bridge was over) , Kool G Rap, the rap genius behind classics that are worthy of his cult like following. Roxanne Shante, a 15 year old wunderkind who torched UTFO and launched a series of Roxanne, Roxanne songs that would dominate the airwaves for a year. And the first comic prince of hip hop (and a talented DJ and beatbox in his own right), Biz Markie. DJ Polo,  Masta Ace, Craig G rounded out the Juice Crew.

So let’s take this back to ‘89 and kick these classic Juice Crew Cuts in the NeoSoulCypher playlist woooorrrrddd up!

Big Daddy Kane – Raw 
Roxanne Shante – Roxanne’s Revenge 
The Juice Crew – Symphony
The Juice Crew – Cold Chillin
Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo – Road to Riches 
MC Shan – The Bridge
Biz Markie – Vapors