Posted On Monday, February 15, 2021

Artist of the Week Feature – Classic Hip-Hop – WHODINI

Whodini was the sound of a generation.  In 1983 Whodini helped to usher in the national presence of Hip-Hop.  Before Whodini and Run-DMC, Hip-Hop was more of a regional phenomenon. With the release of  “Whodini” the group set a trailblazing path.  They were the originators of the blending of Hip-Hop and R&B, and with tracks like “The Haunted House of Rock” and “Magic’s Wand” – on ode to Mr. Magic – the NYC D.J. that helped pioneer  Hip-Hop on the radio, they lit up the scene.  When Whodini hit us with “Friends,” “Freaks Come Out at Night” and “Five Minutes of Funk” off of the “Escape” album, I was hooked.  It is hard to relay just how potent these songs were in elevating Rap and Hip-Hop.  They really helped reach those that considered Rap a fad, and they helped establish this genre as another foundational American original. Whodini lyrics were always in the pocket and the creativity they brought to their tracks literally helped diversify and change the game. Who can top, “We like to be with some because their funny, others come around when they need some money.” We unfortunately loss “Ecstasy” a.k.a. John Fletcher this past December, 2020, one of the two rappers in the group, but we still have the legacy of Whodini who helped launch the first major wave of Hip-Hop. 

Check out my Top 5 from the Whodini:

1.     “Friends” (a live performance) :

2.     “Haunted House of Rock” :

3.     “Freak Come Out at Night” (with some cameos):

4.     “Five Minutes of Funk”:

5.      “Funky Beat”:

Question of the Week:  What’s your favorite Whodini song?

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