Posted On Monday, November 16, 2020

ARTIST OF THE WEEK! Neo Soul – Bradd Marquis

Bradd Marquis represents R&B at its soulful best.  His rich, gritty yet smooth voice, is a bit of a throwback to those vocalists that “SANG.”  Folks like Sam Cooke, Teddy Pendergrass and Dennis Edwards come to mind.  Well Bradd is back, and boy we have missed him.  The Neo Soul Cypher family has always been down with Bradd Marquis, marveling in his vocal talent and writing.  We actually have interviewed Bradd a couple of times on our Neo Soul Cypher Show – our weekly Neo Soul and Classic Hip Hop radio show.  So when Bradd dropped his latest two singles – “Always” and “The Thrill is Gone,” we had to make Bradd our Artist of the Week, and have him join us again on the Neo Soul Cypher Show this Wednesday, cause these new songs represent all that we love about genuine and bangin R&B.  With “Always,” Bradd gives us a mid-tempo “ode’ to” the woman in his life, letting her know she’s “his prototype,” and that he’ll essentially ride or die for her. His voice riffs with the gritty smoothness and you realize this woman has her man for life. This track keeps your head noddin while you two step in quarantine.  With The Thrill is Gone,” Bradd and the amazing guitarist Marcus Marchado flip the B.B. King classic to give us another “ode’ to” – this time to Bradd’s grandparents. This is a beautiful track that drips with lamentation while giving us strength at the same time.  Again the richness of Bradd’s voice along with the truly special guitar work, make this an instant classic – allowing all to pay tribute to the ones we have lost while reveling in the legacy they have left with us. 

Here are my Top 5 from Bradd Marquis: 

1.     The Thrill is Gone:

2. Hott Body (feat. Nomadik)

3. Always:

4. Radio

5. Here We Go