Posted On Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Artist of the Week! Neo Soul & Classic Hip Hop – Spillage Village!

As classic hip-hop and NeoSoul fans we are perfectly familiar with music collectives.  Individuals and groups coming together to share their genius, shape their sounds and push boundaries.  From the tradition and spirit of the Dungeon Family and the Soulquarians emerges Spillage Village.  Consisting at its core of HBCU (Hampton U) classmates, JID and Earthgang (Olu and WowGr8) click here to read NeoSoul Cypher’s piece on Earthgang  and joined by Earthgang’s former roommate the 3x Grammy nominated Platinum selling post-NeoSoul star 6LACK (pronounced ‘black’).  The group is rounded out by brothers Jurdan Bryant and Hollywood JB and multitalented Mereba whose vocals flutter like Corrine Bailey Rae and yet punch like Lauryn Hill. Her rap flow conjures Eve with its effortless ability to sit in the pocket.

The collective dropped its latest album Spilligion in late September 2020.  The effort began as a solo JID project which he intended to record at a home studio.  With the onset of Covid 19, JID invited members of the collective to come to the home and work on a collective venture.  This turned into a 24-7 several month stay and the artist, unrushed, produced a brilliant musical experience.  With guest features by Dreamville labelmate Ari Lennox, Big Rube of the Dungeon Family and Chance the Rapper, the album delivers on its promise.  Is a spiritual odyssey that captures what we are feeling in our Post Covid- new normal. Give the collective’s latest effort a listen.

Spillage Village – Hapi feat. Big Rube [Official Music Video]

Mereba and 6LACK fuse their sounds together to create a wonderful tapestry on Heatwave.

And from their first mixtape a classic “before the fame” track, Love Child featuring Spillage Village.