Posted On Monday, February 22, 2021

Artist of the Week! Neo Soul – Goapele

Goapele is that smooth, sultry, on that political tip ish.  I got hooked on Goapele in the early 2000’s when she released “Even Closer.” I still think this album is one of the finest blends of Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop, with some true bangas like “Romantic (feat. Soulive)”, “The Daze (feat. Zion I & Casual)” and “Ease Your Mind (feat. Pep Love)”.  These Neo Soul – Hip-Hop collabos were exactly what I was looking for at the time; however, “It Takes More,” “Catch-22” and “Closer” are simply Neo Soul with a Hip-Hop beat at its best.  Of course I still bang this album some 20 years later.  Goapele didn’t leave her heavy hitters to the early 2000’s. On her 2011 “Break of Dawn” album, “Play” takes us back to the sultry and funky feel of tracks like “Romantic,” and “Undertow” captures the emotional pull of tracks like “Closer.” In 2017 the “Dreamseeker” EP brought the Goapele that I loved up to date, with the sultry, sophisticated yet down right “basic” “Secret” – a track that sets the mood like few others, while alluding to a Hip-Hop R&B song with one of the dopest beats ever.  In “Secret” Goapele says, “I can’t let you know, I got a secret,” and then asks, “Are You Responsible.”  In the timeless “Are You That Somebody”, Timbaland constructs quite possibly the dopest Hip-Hop beat ever and then throws in the baby crying to take it over the top! On this track, Aaliyah goes on to ask, “If I let this go, Are You Responsible?”  So, 2017 Goapele takes us back to 1998 Aaliyah with Timbaland and kills it.  Other notables from “Dreamseeker” include “Power” and the “As Bright as Sun” (interlude)” that is ripe to be made into a full-length track. Goapele is yet another gift from the Bay Area to treasure.  

Check out my Top 5 from the Goapele:

1.     Catch-22 –

2.     Secret –

3.     Romantic –

4.     It Takes More –

5.     Undertow –

Question of the Week: Who does Goapele most remind you of as a music artist?



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