Posted On Monday, August 10, 2020

Artist of the Week! Neo Soul -Jill Scott

Jilly from Philly is just plain dope. An indomitable spirit that only comes a close second to those pipes. Jilly can blow. But what we love about her the most, is how she displays her otherworldly singing talent in her songs and live performances. Jill Scott epitomizes the spirit, sound and sensuousness of Neo Soul. She and a handful of others (aka, Badu, Maxwell, D’Angelo) helped usher into the mainstream a needed breath of fresh air for R&B. Gone we’re the lowest common denominator lyrics and gratuitous raunch, replaced with the magic of how everyday relationships and occurrences – like going to the grocery store (Raheem, right?) – you’ll catch that on the way…, can be reflective, instructive and damn right entertaining. Jilly’s string of hits are simply too long to list; however, I’m going to give you my (Neo Soul 1)Top 5, cause that’s what we do for our Artist’s of the week  here at 
1. A Long Walk
2. He Loves Me (Lyzel in E flat)
3. Hate on Me 
4. Crown Royal
5. So Gone