Posted On Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Tiana Major9 is our Artist of the Week, and she is also on our Next List – the List reserved for the artists we believe are about to Pop and let the world know how significant they are. Tiana Major9 is a unique figure fusing her brand of Neo Soul with traditional R&B and jazzy elements picked up from her musical training.  Her name incorporates a reference to that musical training with her reference to “Major9” or the Major9 Chord used in frequently in Jazz guitar.  Make no mistake though, Tiana Major9 compliments her in-depth musical training with some God given pipes.  The result is a sound that is comparable to the Jazmine Sullivans, Jill Scotts and Chrisette Michelle’s of the world.  Tiana also represents a key element in the emerging new wave of female British Neo Soul artists, ranging from the likes of Mahalia, Celeste, Jorja Smith, NAO, Sinead Harnett and Greentea Peng (the list is lengthy and shall be the subject of an upcoming New Music Sound Update from Neo Soul Cypher).  Tiana Major9 is probably best known for her recent collaboration with Earthgang (our Classic Hip Hop Artist of the Week (on the new artist lyrical tip)).  Their song “Collide” from the Queen & Slim Soundtrack is haunting, sensual and refreshing. 
My Top 5 for Tiana Major are:

Collide – (also from her new EP “At Sixes & Sevens” released August  6, 2020)
Real Affair – (from her new EP “At Sixes & Sevens” released August 6, 2020)
Attitude – (from he EP “Rehearsal @ Nine” released August 6, 2020)
Think About You (Notions Mix) – – – (from her new EP “At Sixes & Sevens” released August  6, 2020)
Cat & Mouse – (from her EP “Rehearsal @ Nine” released February 14, 2019)
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