Posted On Monday, August 16, 2021

From the Vaults Feature – Classic Hip-Hop – MONIE LOVE!

“From the Vaults” – a new feature on dedicated to showcasing classic talent and music that still hits today from the ranks of Neo Soul and Classic Hip-Hop.

Monie Love is one of my favorites – she has been a key part of a number of iconic Hip-Hop songs.  Her high energy, staccato lyrical delivery always brought a bright spot to her tracks as well as those where she was featured.  Her and Queen Latifah formed a dynamic team in a series of songs in the early 1990’s, including the iconic song “Ladies First”, which proclaimed to the world that female MC’s could spit and rock a party as well if not better than any male MC. Monie was indeed an integral part of the Native Tongue Family and her presence on another iconic track was one of her highpoints.  On “Buddy,” the Native Tongues ripped it and Monie’s line about the Buddy amazing her was one of the highlights.  Monie grew up in London and became one of the early British influences in Hip-Hop.  Her most famous solo track is “Monie in the Middle”, where she spits in her staccato fashion about her right to choose who she wants to date and be with.  The name of the song has been used in countless other raps – a testament to its iconic status.  “It’s a Shame” was another hit for Monie and she collaborated on a remake of “Ring My Bell” with Adeva – a fellow Paterson, NJ native of your boy Neo Soul 1.  I am so happy we have been able to pay tribute to one of the greatest posses in Hip-Hop history.  The Native Tongues brought fun, nerdy and skillful wordplay to the world of Hip-Hop, helping to diversify to types of personas, themes and songs that could be impactful in the word of Hip-Hop.

Top Songs:

1. Monie in the Middle –

2. Ladies First –

3. Buddy –

4. It’s a Shame –

5. Ring My Bell –