Posted On Wednesday, January 18, 2023

“In Ha Mood” – Ice Spice

By: Justin Pecisto

The Bronx drill rapstress is 4 for 4 in her recent releases. Ice Spice is a Bronx-born rapper who has found fame after her song “No Clarity” went viral for the masterful sampling of Zedd’s “Clarity”. She is known for her very relatable lyrics on the topics of love and relationships. One thing about Ice Spice is that she’s confident, she’s very clear about who she is and she isn’t afraid to tell us. She doesn’t let men dictate to her because she’s doing her, regardless of the fact she has a man on her arm or not. Although most drill beats sound relatively the same, the sampling her producer does gives them an extra dimension. The lyrics to “In Ha Mood” are really fun, like her aura, coming off as a very relatable girl: “They like, ‘Ice, how you always stay hot?’ (Hot) Oh, they mad ’cause I keep makin’ bops (Bops) Oh, she mad ’cause I’m takin’ her spot If I was bitches, I’d hate me a lot (Grrah)”. The song is an anthem for girls who are independent and living their life without the pressure of a man breathing down their neck. Ice Spice knows she’s hot and it doesn’t come off as an act. You can tell from her social media presence, lyrics and music videos that it’s not just for show. The lyrics also really feel like a response to people online because people who love her, adore her and people who don’t like her, well they make it known. I look forward to her next releases because of the pressure that’s on her as a female rapper. Ice Spice has many fans, but she has many doubters as well, as I have seen her getting called a one hit wonder. Ice Spice is far from one hit wonder and I’ll be watching closely as she proves them wrong.