Posted On Thursday, December 31, 2020

Introducing Celeste!

There is a new gem on the musical scene. Out of pure luck one of my modern NeoSoul playlists went over and random songs began to play. A slow melodic sound so rich it washed over me the way chilled molasses moves, effortless no sense of urgency and yet sweeping all in its path while leaving an indelible sweet trail; came to my ears.
And then her voice hit that note! This anguished short run with a pitch jump reminiscent of the late great Delores O’Riordan only not quite. The mood of the song shifts, the pace at the chorus quickens, beat going from tranquil to driven,  vocals rising, keys soaring.

Then she did it, literally started singing half beat to damn near a full beat behind the song, not as if she were unable to meet the pace of the song but rather that she was lingering in each inflection.
It struck me, her voice her style was a hybrid. I did some research and it became clearer. Celeste is part of the extraordinary talent emanating over the last decades from Britain; her beautiful brown skin, loosely coiled twist out setting her aside from the blue-eyed soul of the British Isle. But her voice, her tool, its styling all seem to be influenced by the two contemporary legends.

She is a perfect Venn diagram of Amy Winehouse and Adele. And yet she’s all her own. To date we have only an EP, it reminds me of H.E.R. In that regard a sample of a brilliance that you desperately wait for more. Until she releases what I anticipate will be a groundbreaking album I urge you to enjoy the amazing EP of the next great performer from across the pond. Celeste.
Follow her at @celestewaite