Posted On Monday, November 7, 2022

Kelela! – Happy Ending!

By: Justin Pecisto

Kelela is back with more club hits! As you know I have  been really excited to see where Kelela is going with her sound. At first she came back with something soft and now it’s time for something hard-hitting. Happy Ending is a dreamy breakbeat dance song, combining her soothing vocals with a jungle influenced instrumental. They mix almost like peanut butter and jelly with the way they perfectly go together. Happy Ending has strong drums and a bass which is perfect for any club’s speaker system. Her song gives the feeling that you’re in the smoke machine filled club in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by friends and lovers. Kelela’s video actually fits the vibe perfectly as well. We see Kelela singing over flashing images of people dancing in a dark smoke filled club. Everybody is on the dancefloor, the lights are hazy and everyone is enjoying themselves. I believe the video was filmed in Bushwick as well as many friends and acquaintances I know personally are filmed in the video. I love how Kelela is working with the community that loves her the most for this new era, this is an excellent second single for her comeback era.