Posted On Friday, February 9, 2024

NEW MUSIC ALERT -Jonas- Be The Light (album)

Danish soul & neo-soul music pioneer JONAS celebrates his 50th birthday with the brand new full-lentgh album “BE THE LIGHT”

With more than 25 years on the scene, JONAS has earned his well-deserved respect and recognition, having made an impact with his music – in both Scandinavia and various parts of the World. As he has shared studio and/or stage moments with the likes of OMAR, JOHN LEGEND, BILAL, MACY GRAY, JOSS STONE, LYNDEN DAVID HALL and many others, it is no wonder media around the World have dubbed JONAS the “GODFATHER OF SCANDINAVIAN SOUL”. The validation of some of these accomplishments, was given to him as ARTIST OF THE YEAR, at the SCANDINAVIAN SOUL MUSIC AWARDS in 2015. 

JONAS’ last full-length album was the danish “FØRST TIL SIDST”, from 2015. But he has been consistent with releasing EPs and albums – as an artist, and also as a songwriter and producer for others – like SWEATSHOP, PEOPLE ON THE HILL, JONAS WINGE LEISNER and SIGNE ANNA.

During the pandemic lockdown JONAS produced and released the 2 EP’s “4WARD FAST TO FUTURE” and “ALL SYSTEMS GO”. As he has always been used to creating and writing with other artists and musicians, this was a new untravelled path – working alone, or with others remotely. But JONAS always loved working with dogmas. The restrictions sometimes opens up new opportunities and different approaches. JONAS liked his new found way of working so much, that he decided to do a whole album in the same way.

A good portion of the songs on the new album “BE THE LIGHT” are written with other artists, or features perfomances from favorite fellow musicians, but the majority of the writing, the instruments played, programming, production and mixing, is done by JONAS. 

A few songs deal with the state of the world, and how we are gradually becoming more and more divided. The album title “BE THE LIGHT”, is promoting the idea of being the change you want to see in the world. To lead by example. To choose good. To try to be the best version of yourself. 

FOCUS-TRACK: Turn Down The Noise

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