Posted On Friday, June 25, 2021

New Music from JONAS!

We’re excited about new music from Jonas who was recently interviewed on the Neo-Soul Cypher Show!

Please check out the brand new single from Jonas “All Systems Go”
Jonas All Systems Go (feat Sharlene Hector & Kuku Agami) Single released TODAY,
5 song EP coming JULY 9

Amazon : Jonas featuring Sharlene Hector & Kuku Agami 

“All Systems Go” is the first single, and the title of the the new EP by Danish soul music pioneer Jonas. After more‎ than 20 years in the music business, Jonas has a CV that will impress most people.
He has been crowned the Godfather of Scandinavian soul by international media, and has worked or shared stages with some of the biggest artists on the neo-soul scene, like John Legend, Omar, Joss Stone, Lynden David Hall and Bilal.

He has toured with his music in most parts of the world, and in 2016 won the awards for Artist of the Year and Best Video at the annual Scandinavian Soul Music Awards. When the whole world first closed down, in the spring of 2020, and all concerts were cancelled, Jonas set up a studio in his home in Copenhagen, and only became more inspired and productive. This led him to create the EP “4ward Fast To Future” in collaboration with The Scratch Professer, which was released in May 2020.

He is now ready to put out the new EP “All Systems Go”, which is made up of 5 songs that have been in the vault for some time, written together with high profile artists from the UK and US. For Jonas, the corona lockdown was a well needed break, that gave him the time to finally finish these songs, so that they can now be presented to the world. Even though the majority of the songs from the new EP were written in a different time, the sentiments that they present today are more relevant than ever. The song “All Systems Go” is a great example of that. It features rapper Kuku Agami and Basement Jaxx front singer Sharlene Hector, and is call for people to stand together against injustice and segregation. It tells us to dare to dream about a better world, and to resist the forces that are trying to divide us. “The world is becoming more and more polarized. No matter whether you are in US, UK, Denmark or anywhere else. In many ways the corona pandemic has only made it worse. “All Systems Go” is about going against a system that is trying to make us hate each other. There’s more money and power in playing us out against each other. Let’s not fall for that.” Jonas says The musical landscape of “All Systems Go” is in an organic neo-soul universe, which has become Jonas’ trademark sound for more than 2 decades. It embodies catchy melodies, real instruments and soulful vocal arrangements. “I have come to the realization of what defines my sound. I no longer have to doubt what it is, or try to please anyone. My music is coming from a place of being mature, and mostly deals with love. Acceptance of love, loving yourself and your fellow humans”.- Jonas