Posted On Monday, October 17, 2022

NEW SINGLE! Flo “Not My Job”!

By: Justin Pecisto

            Flo has released their newest single “Not My Job”.  This R&B girl group from the UK has become massively popular over a short time through the help of social media (and their talent). They have brought back the r&b girl group sound which has been lost for some years. Their EP “The Lead” received acclaim from many which boosted them into the spotlight. Their song “Cardboard Box” had gone viral on twitter which led to their international fame as well. “Not My Job” has the feeling of a 90’s classic, but with a modern sound that doesn’t make it sound like a tribute act. That’s something Flo is impeccable with, their ability to sound retro, but without making it obvious that they are inspired from the past. Many artists today try to emulate past artists to try to reach that same success. I believe Flo has been so successful because they are being themselves and not trying to be an updated version of a pre-existing group.

     “Not My Job” has an early 2000s sound, the era when sampling middle eastern music was popular. I hear some of that in the beat which I loved. I always love the lyrics, because it’s so true, it’s really not their job to make their boyfriend feel like a man. The beat is accompanied by Flo’s amazing harmonization. Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer together feel like a force. Flo have such powerful voices that make you want to replay the song so you can catch all of the harmonies. “Not My Job” song was produced by MNEK who has worked with Madonna, Dua Lip, H.E.R and others. This was a very strong single and I’m excited for their future works!