Posted On Saturday, May 9, 2020

Our Look at the Verzuz Battles

In the quarantine era concerts in the traditional sense are a certain past plagued by the question of the future. The internet has become the new medium of promise. Any given day the artist of your interest stimulate their creative energy into byte sized delicacies for consumption, pour there craft into a new concoction and serves you the blend via Al Gore’s interwebs. DJs produce virtual clubs (thank you @Dnice) and the hottest trend going is brought to you by #VERZUS Dream matchups from artists with catalogs that speak to us.

The series is the brainchild of ‘Swizz Beatz vs Timbaland’ who also set off the first installment in the series…


Swizz Beatz vs Timbaland…

…followed by T-Pain vs Lil Jon…

…RZA v. Prodigy

and the internet crashing battle between…

Babyface v. Teddy Riley

The next installment is the battle of the Queens of NeoSoul Erykah Badu v Jill Scott Verzuz on Twitter.
I for one am grateful, thankful even! Watch them live and track them here. We will be recapping as they proceed. This is a gift of their greatness that we never thought we needed and I for one can’t wait to get like a kid at Christmas. So Take A Long Walk or have a Window Seat. Call Tyrone and pour some Crown Royal on Ice and may the battle begin.