Posted On Monday, July 6, 2020
Your Life

Quarantine Fitness

By Regina

“My back is hurting!  Oh…wait is it my hips? Oh goodness, it’s everything!”  This was me at the beginning of quarantine.    

The biggest contributing factor to reducing and controlling my pain, is movement, and like many of us, I currently have little.

Staying fit right now can be exceptionally challenging, yet extremely important for our mental and physical wellbeing.  Right now, we need to keep our immune systems as healthy as possible, and our bodies strong.  Also, we cannot forget about the stress, anxiety, and depression, that many of us are currently experiencing, and often at high levels.  Movement can help with that.

 I had to find a way to exercise and move while being confined to my home. I looked around my small condo and thought, “What can I do”?  What do my rooms have to offer in place of gym workouts?    

Here is how I compensated.  

I found an old can of paint.  Kettle bells!  Cans from my cabinet became hand weights.  I used my couch and chairs for dips.  

I made additional trips.  For example, when cleaning, I made several unnecessary trips throughout my home.  At times, when I could have made one trip to carry laundry, I purposely carried little laundry at a time, simply to make an additional trip to the laundry room.  I swept and mopped much more than necessary.

I also made use of planks, push-ups, and other exercises, in which only body weight is needed.  

So, look around your home.  Think outside of the ‘household items’ box.  Look at each item with fresh eyes geared toward movement and exercise.  Survey your area.  What do you see?

Move and lift.  Stay healthy.  Stay fit.