Posted On Friday, February 12, 2021

Tribute to Maurice White

I have experienced and witnessed how powerful music can be at it’s best.

Music can make you want to dance, think, cry, angry, mediate, create, motivate ,love, relax, feel sad, feel happy and/or inspire. EWF with it’s leader, the late and great MAURICE WHITE made you feel all those things sometimes in the same song.

At their peak their live show was not just good it was the standard. Vocals and harmonies as great as pure singing groups. Musical excellence and execution as precise as any classical unit. Improvisation as intriguing most jazz bands. Lyrics as poignant as any folk group. The ability to draw the masses in with that beat. Energy, passion drive and performance as most funk and rock bands and yet still entertaining.

Only a couple of the many reasons on what MAURICE WHITE orchestrated was so incredible. He cut through all barriers.

Much love to the many upcoming brilliant artists carrying on that tradition, they are absolutely out there though not in the mainstream with a few exceptions.

On that note it is important to support more now WHAT YOU LIKE or it will go away.

R.I.P. KING MAURICE WHITE (2-4-2016) 5 years ago yesterday.

One of my first music heroes.