Posted On Tuesday, October 31, 2023

What Happened To Brand Nubian?

By: T. Phillips

Chronicles of the Revolutionary Rhymers

Laying the foundation for a powerful fusion of conscious hip-hop with a soulful R&B essence, Brand Nubian emerged as one of hip-hop’s unparalleled heavyweights. Hailing from New York, this iconic group not only created anthems but also painted an entire tapestry of the culture, society, and life during their era.

The Nubian Legacy

Brand Nubian’s narrative has always been about more than just music. Their artistry struck chords, creating a harmonious blend of impactful messaging and head-nodding beats. Their versatility allowed them to be both street poets and socio-political commentators, asserting an unshakeable position in the annals of hip-hop.

Solo Flares and Collaborative Triumphs

Though united as Brand Nubian, each member illuminated the rap scene with individual brilliance:

Grand Puba: With a voice that’s as distinctive as his lyrical prowess, Grand Puba was indeed a force. His 1995 solo album, “2000”, remains one of the decade’s quintessential works. Marrying beats from esteemed producers with his signature smooth and insightful delivery, Puba crafted classics that still resonate today. In tracks like “I Like It,” Puba showcased a seamless blend of hip-hop authenticity and mainstream appeal.

Sadat X: Sadat’s signature voice, paired with his insightful and often introspective lyrics, made him a standout. Diving deep into solo waters, Sadat produced gems that are revered by hip-hop aficionados. His recent collaborations, including those with Sun Gin and Ben Shorr, affirm his continued relevance and influence in the genre.

Lord Jamar: Beyond his impactful lyrics, Jamar ventured into the world of acting. Showcasing his thespian talents, His artistic flair led him to the screens with a notable performance in the drama series ‘Oz’.. He also graced productions from “The Sopranos” to “The Last O.G.”, proving that his artistry knows no bounds.

Tribute to a Legend

In 2021, the hip-hop community mourned the loss of DJ Stud Doogie. His contributions to the genre, especially his collaborations with Brand Nubian, are timeless testaments to his unparalleled skill and passion. A pioneer in every sense, Stud Doogie’s legacy is forever etched in the annals of hip-hop history.

Closing Thoughts

Brand Nubian, with its members’ multifaceted talents, has crafted a legacy that transcends time. They embody the essence of hip-hop – a blend of raw authenticity, profound insights, and unforgettable rhythms. Celebrating their journey is not just about looking back at their discography, but understanding the indelible mark they’ve left on culture and society. As Grand Puba rightly professed, “Step to the realm where the real brothers dwell,” and indeed, Brand Nubian has given us a realm to cherish forever.

Ultimate Brand Nubian & Solo/Collab Hits Playlist:

Brand Nubian Classics:

“Slow Down” – Brand Nubian’s warning against the pitfalls of a fast-paced life.

“All for One” – An anthem that encapsulated the unity of the group.

“Wake Up” – A powerful call to societal awareness.

“Punks Jump up to Get Beat Down” – An aggressive and iconic hit from their discography.

“Don’t Let It Go to Your Head” – A soulful tune with an unforgettable hook.

Grand Puba’s Shining Moments:

“360 (What Goes Around)” – Grand Puba’s swanky, smooth single from his debut album.

“I Like It” – Perhaps one of Puba’s most recognized hits, capturing the essence of 90s hip-hop.

“Check It Out” ft. Mary J. Blige – A collaboration with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, this track is a testimony to Puba’s versatility.

Sadat X’s Lyrically Potent Tracks:

“The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)” ft. Grand Puba & Lord Jamar – A reunion of sorts that fans of Brand Nubian will cherish.

“Hang ‘Em High” – Sadat X’s gritty storytelling skills shine in this one.

Lord Jamar’s Thought-Provoking Sounds:

“The Corner, The Streets” ft. Grand Puba – A reflective track featuring the distinct voices of Jamar and Puba.

“Deep Space” ft. RZA – Lord Jamar teams up with the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA for this hypnotic beat.

Collabs and Features:

“Come On” by Notorious B.I.G. ft. Sadat X – A combination of Biggie’s storytelling and Sadat’s unique flow.

This playlist captures not only the essence of Brand Nubian’s group dynamics but also the individual prowess and versatility of its members. Whether you’re reminiscing about the golden era of hip-hop or discovering these legends for the first time, this playlist is bound to leave an impression. Enjoy the vibes!